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Gunpowder Creek LLC



Gunpowder Creek Winery

Richland, Washington

If you're lucky, your work is play. Named for a Connecticut Revolutionary War stream where I grew up playing in with my best friends, Gunpowder Creek is the creative home now of wines of my style.

With its first 2015 vintage wine off Phinny Hill Vineyard, you've arrived at the launchpad. 


Caleb Foster

Winemaker / Vigneron / Dreamer

Hard working hands-on dreamer of all things grape and wine.

 - Caleb fortunately apprenticed with Rick Small at Woodward Canyon from 1991. For eight years there Caleb learned the top quality path from vineyard to bottle and winery to dinner table. Then in 1999 off to Ch. Ste. Michelle making wines with Ernie Losen. Next to Marlborough NZ for vintage 2000 making Babich, Matua, Nautilus, Jackson Estate, Wairau River, Foxes Island and others. Then back to WA in 2001 making Glen Fiona, Mt. Baker Vyds, starting Buty and Beast. In 2002 Caleb toured RSA making Quoin Rock in Stellenbosch. Then in 2013 onto Double Canyon and since 2014 is winemaker at Bookwalter Winery. Many winemaking mentors and brilliant wine teams the world over have blessed Caleb's journey. Producing many wine styles yielding critically acclaimed wines in every region and winery, Caleb's journey continues with these Greatest Hits.